State Organization


The Oregon Pilots Association was founded in 1938. OPA has grown to approximately 1,600 members and 20 local chapters. OPA and its local chapters celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered manned flight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.

OPA membership is open to anyone interested in general aviation. Many non-pilots and past pilots belong to OPA and share major objectives including the encouragement of safe flying practices by pilots and promoting aviation with the general public. Local OPA chapters provide flight scholarships, educational forums for aviation enthusiasts as well as to serve as a resource to local communities seeking the benefits of local aviation facilities.

The Oregon Pilots Association is a tax-exempt 501(c)(7) organization. Donations to the OPA are NOT deductible for personal federal or state income tax purposes.

The Oregon Pilots Association Air Safety and Education Foundation or OPA ASEF, is a tax-exempt 503(c)(3) organization; donations to the OPA ASEF ARE deductible.


On an bi-annual basis, at our Fall Quarterly State meeting, we elect our leadership for the following two years. A nominating committee presents a series of candidates for the consideration of the membership.

State officers

At the state level of the OPA we have our leadership set up with three positions at the top to provide for continuity in the organization. Our President, President Elect, and Past President work together to ensure that there is an experienced leader speaking for OPA.

The other offices which support the President are:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public relations
  • Vice President, Legislative Affairs
  • Vice President, Air Safety & Education Foundation
  • Regional Directors
  •      Southern Oregon
  •      Central/Eastern Oregon
  •      Portlnd Metro
  •      Oregon Coast
  •      Willamette Valley
  • Membership Services
  • Prop Wash Editor
  • Internet & Webmaster


Quarterly meetings are open to EVERY OPA member. By setting the dates and locations of the quarterly state meetings early, it is hoped that every chapter representative and interested members have adequate time to make arangements to attend. Meetings are typically on the weekend and begin mid morning, break for a lunch and continue into the afternoon. There are times when a guest speaker or special presentation are part of the agenda. Check the OPA event calendar for the next meeting.

OPA By-laws

OPA By-laws are reviewed and amended as appropriate and approved at the OPA state meetings. The version of the bylaws posted on the site are for reference only. The governing version of the bylaws is kept by the secretary.

Contact Information

Officers can be contacted via email or phone by clicking here. You may also contact us at:

Oregon Pilots Association
581 Lancaster Dr SE # 95
Salem, OR 97317