Membership Types

OPA offers several different types of memberships based on your interest and desire. Listed below are the different classes of membership. If you have any questions, please contact member services. Dues are billed annually on January 1st of each year. New members pay full membership dues irregardless of the month they join. This offsets member badges, cards, and membership packet.

Membership Type



ACTIVE ANNUAL Any person interested in or active in aviation who agrees to uphold the principles and Bylaws of the Association may qualify for Active Membership. A second person sharing the same household with the first person will be deemed an active member. $25 per year
ACTIVE LIFE Any Active member may choose to pay a one time membership fee, as determined by the Board of Directors, instead of an annual membership fee. $500 one time
ASSOCIATE Any business, firm, corporation, or organization desiring to further the objectives of this Association and promoting general aviation shall be eligible for Associate Membership. $50 per year
HONORARY LIFE The Board of Directors, or the general membership, may by an act of the body, elect persons to Honorary Life Membership, for meritorious service to Oregon general aviation. All Past Presidents of the Association shall receive a lifetime membership in the Association. Honorary Life Members are considered Active Members. -0-
STUDENT Any person currently enrolled in an accredited FAA flight training program and who has not earned their private pilot’s license within the previous twelve months. Student members may join as a non-voting member and pay a reduced membership fees to cover the cost of their membership badege. At the end of their second year of membership they will be required to become an Active or Associate member. $10 for 2 Years