Membership in Oregon Pilots Association

Membership in OPA puts you in touch with other aviations enthusiasts and the results are positive and beneficial to you, your family and your community. It isn't necessary to have a pilots license to become a member, just and interest in aviation. As an organization, the OPA brings together individuals from varied aviation backgrounds and the result is a credibile and a significant voice for aviation in Salem.

Increased knowledge of aviation and its many related topics has always been a signficant factor toward the goal of improved aviation safety. Guest speakers at chapter meetings, outings to museums, historical sites, and aviation facilities or attending an aviation conference can help you refersh or improve your skills.

After September 11th, the repsonse of the general public to aviation has been one of concern, worry and in some cases over reaction. New initiatives related to airport security mimic some of the common sense that OPA members have applied to their local airports and chapters for many years. Knowing your aviation neighbors not only improves airport security, it can potetntialy reduce thefts at the airports you frequent. When your community knows what the OPA promotes, hopefully we are able to reduce the non flying public's anxieties about aviation saftey and airport security. Locally and nationally, airport neighbors and the general public need to have the benefit of our collective knowledge of aviation and what it has done to positively affect their lives. Being part of the OPA is a simple way to help your local community understand the value of the local airport to the community can help secure the future viability of all airports in Oregon.

When the legislature and local government bodies try to reorganize or implement new regulations or impose new fees, it is the vigilance of many ears that help alert the aviation community to the issue and a knowledgeable clear voice that has an impact on the final outcome. OPA has been asked many times for feedback on aviation issues and has helped the Oregon Department of Aviation work through many issues to benefit aviation in Oregon. Changes to regulations to allow self-fueling by pilots is one of the success stories resulting from the cooperation of the OPA with ODA and the legislature.

Through locally organized and statewide events, OPA members have the chance to make new friends and spend time with old friends as well. Chapter meetings vary widely, often as breakfast gatherings, pot luck or restatraunt dinners and events can be simple gatherings such as picnics to more formal dinners out on the town. At a state level, there are quarterly meetings open to all OPA members and an Annual Convention held in different locations around the state.

OPA members look forward to the bi-monthly newsletter, the Prop Wash. The Prop Wash gives each member a taste of the aviation stories and events focussing on Oregon Aviation. OPA members can take advantage of discounts given by many of the Prop Wash advertisers.

Joining the OPA today is one way you can make a difference in the future of general aviation in Oregon. You can right now by signing up now. For more information on membership types, click here or contact member services.