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What does the Oregon Pilots Association do for me?


OPA Convention – 26 August 2017 featuring  John and Martha King

Albany Airport (S12) Albany Expo Center / Willamette Event Center

during the Albany Art & Air Festival


The OPA Convention will host AOPA’s Rusty Pilot” Seminar.

The Rusty Pilot seminar fulfills the ground school portion for pilots wishing to return to the cockpit when the 3rd Class Medical is repealed on 15 July 2017.

This seminar is free to all AOPA members


OPA has added a new mission statement:  The Oregon Pilots Association may offer support to appropriate government agencies and local communities in the event of a natural disaster.


During a major public emergency such as an earthquake and tsunami from the Cascadia Subduction Zone, emergency response capabilities become seriously overloaded. Because of lengthy delays in delivery of vital goods and services, needless additional deaths, permanent debilitating injuries, and loss of property can result. Pilots and support personnel from the Oregon Pilots Association can contribute significantly to emergency relief efforts. OPA capabilities include conducting aerial surveillance and transporting critical supplies and personnel.


OPA represents you at the national level; addressing aviation issues with our U.S. Senators and Congressman. For example, we recently enlisted the support of Senators Wyden and Merkley, and Congressman Schrader to make changes to FAA Regulation 61.113 allowing private pilots to be reimbursed for disaster relief missions.


We meet with state legislatures and testify during legislative hearings on matters that impact General Aviation.


Your membership provides strength in numbers, when OPA represents General Aviation at the national and state legislatures. 

Explore Oregon:  25 Feb - 20 August 2017


Explore Oregon is a 6 month, self paced air rally; open to EVERYONE


Prizes include: two - $300 gift certificates & two - $200 gift certificates from Aircraft Spruce.      


Explore Oregon will finish on Sunday 20 August @ 1:00PM at the B-17 Alliance in Salem Oregon. We will have a FREE Bar-B-Q and drawing for the prizes.


Take a picture of your airplane at each airport you fly to. Attach the picture in your “Passport Book”. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 airports; earn one raffle ticket for each airport visited (this excludes your home airport).

Passport books are $ 25.00.  They are available @ Lenhardt (7S9), Aurora (KUOA)  (Willamette Aviation), Lebanon  (S30), Independence (7S5) (Nutsch), Salem (KSLE) (Salem Air Center) and McMinnville (KMMV) (Konect Aviation).

All money raised (after expenses) go to STEM, or to the OPA Scholarship Fund.


The airports listed for the 2017 Explore Oregon have nearby attractions for you to visit.  We hope you will take the opportunity to Explore Oregon.

If you have any questions, please contact Neal:  NealWhite150@gmail.com


OPA Poker Run Sunday 20 Aug 2017


Each poker hand is $10.00  Half of all money received goes to the person with the winning poker hand. The remaining half goes to the Oregon Pilots Association.

Start at Independence; fly to Lebanon; then to Aurora; then to McMinnville; and finish at Salem at the B-17 Alliance Hangar.

Your first card(s) will be dealt at Independence, between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM  at the Independence EAA Hangar. You may purchase multiple hands. Breakfast  will be served at Independence EAA Hangar from 8:00 – 10:00 on 20 Aug 2017.

Finish at Salem, no later than 1:00 PM with a  FREE  Bar-B-Que.

There will be a guided tour of the ongoing restoration of the B-17 .

Please direct any questions to Neal:  NealWhite150@gmail.com



Please be a part of OPA.

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Objectives and Mission of the Oregon Pilots Association
  • To promote and encourage safe flying habits among Oregon pilots;
  • To guard and protect the interests of general aviation in Oregon;
  • To promote aviation with the non-flying public;
  • To protect statewide interests of all private pilots;
  • To guard and promte public welfare and safety where general aviation is concerned;
  • To encourage the construction and improvement of air faciilites in Oregon;
  • To conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of Oregon pilots, and for general aviation.