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President's Update - July, 2015

Welcome Oregon Pilots!

This issue marks the beginning of a new style of leadership, building upon the strong foundation established by our past presidents. Following Mary Rosenblum will be no easy task. Nor should it be. Firm determination and direct communication accomplished a milestone in Oregon aviation.

I would like to share with you how I see the next 2 years occur. You see, I have a plan! Much like a flight plan, it is comprised of several components and legs of a journey. To begin with, I want to keep the Board close…perhaps closer than it has ever functioned before. I see my position as leadership to the wishes and voices of the organization, utilizing the wisdom and experience of the Board that will have gathered data, evaluated their data and plotted a course in the direction of positive growth and representation for OPA

In each of your issues of the PropWash, there are phone numbers and email addresses of your regional officers and your Board members. Call them, write them and share what your ideas are. Your passion for flying should drive these contacts. I will be asking them for reports at each of our quarterly meetings.

As for my personal goals, I, along with the help of others and the funds this organization has pledged to the Maintenance Wing are constructing small parks at outback (and not so outback) airports. The last issue of the PW showed just such a project and it already has been heavily used. I felt so strongly about this that the majority of the monies put into the project was privately from my wife and I before OPA dedicated funds.

Establishing from scratch at Corvallis (KCVO) is a Search and Rescue unit affiliated with the Benton County Sheriff’s office.  This AirWing was credited to OPA in its formation and continues to provide valuable services to counties within the State upon request. Those that choose to learn and fly formally or informally can accumulate a healthy tax deduction. Anything that is affiliated with training and keeps you prepared counts. Does that put a smile on a pilots face??? It should!
I am looking for ways to bring the public closer to aviation. I believe one of the many reasons why we lack new pilots is because the only plane they see are 20,000 ft in the air!  Just this week I had a conversation to a man I sold an old 1956 GMC 1 ½ ton truck to for restoration. He will now be doing his ground training and on to an instructor as a result of a simple conversation. That makes 3 for me in the last year! I challenge each of you to engage just one person this year…just one!

I also just found out that some of the smaller airports are losing runway access due to the demands of Federal Department of Fish and Wildlife (FDFW). Imagine that! Dan Mason, airport manager at KCVO shared with me that ODFW demanded them to close the west ramp as flight traffic interferes with the geese! That is the tip of some very devastating closures. I will be speaking to Mry Rosenblum, our new Legislative person about this further. My question…if they close the west ramp, how long before the entire airport is shut down?? In my book any closure should be directly correlated with a new opening. Take one….. make one. I actually have all the lights and pilot light system from the Bend and Redmond airports when they were improved. They are setting in my hanger awaiting a new home. Know anyone with a private strip that might like to have it lit? Wiring runs about $2700.00. They would look best down the sides of a new runway! I envision new small runways aside outback hotels and cafes. It helps their business and sure makes landing a lot more fun!

But the biggest project of all waits hearing what YOU want. Even if you think it sounds ridiculous, share it anyhow. Otherwise we are running without a destination. You have my phone number and email. Please use it!!!

Paul Ehrhardt
OPA President





Objectives and Mission of the Oregon Pilots Association

  • To promote and encourage safe flying habits among Oregon pilots;
  • To guard and protect the interests of general aviation in Oregon;
  • To promote aviation with the non-flying public;
  • To protect statewide interests of all private pilots;
  • To guard and promte public welfare and safety where general aviation is concerned;
  • To encourage the construction and improvement of air faciilites in Oregon;
  • To conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of Oregon pilots, and for general aviation.